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Most of the traders who had come to us had
been half-breeds, and we knew them by the Sioux
word Itey-skada^ which meant * White Foreheads5.
That was the name the Indians called them,
because their faces were always brown and their
foreheads wrere white. This was perhaps due to
the fact that they wore hats, and the sun brought
out the Indian tan only in the exposed parts of
their faces,

We travelled along the Naniaka until we came
to the foot-hills of the Rockies, and here we came
upon the Suksiseoketuk Indians—the Rocky
Mountain Band of Asslniboines—whose hunting-
grounds were up there in the foot-hill country.
Their chief. Chief Travels~Agalnst-The-WInd5
asked us who we were. Our chief said:

€We are roving Seeha-sapa from the plains^
whose only enemy is the Okotoks Isahpo—the Rock
Band of Crows/

The Suksiseoketuk chief then said;

*We no longer come down on to your plains to
hunt your buffalo. Why do you come into our
hills to hunt our mountain-goats and sheep and

*Our meat for the winter*, said our chief eis
already put away in those bags you see the women
carrying [pemmican]. We come not to hunt
your wild goats. We come to hunt your wah-
shee-chu—white men—from whom you have